Natalie K Engagement Rings

Classique Jeweler’s is a fine source for bridal engagement rings. Natalie K is known for their wide range of designs including classic and antique style engagement rings. Every Natalie K piece is exquisitely crafted. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, necklace, or earrings, Natalie K will have something breathtaking for you.

We are Authorized Dealers Offering the full Bridal Collection that features a variety of styles such as: Eternal, Contemporary, Three Stone, Bridal with Wedding Bands, Three Stone with Wedding Bands, Vintage and Classic.

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The Romance Bridal collection presents inspired selections created with stunning quality and crafted with brilliant, pristine gold. Romance collections feature not only fabulous styling, but also impeccable quality. Precise manufacturing processes and extreme quality control standards result in our most beautiful rings of superior craftsmanship. Featured also is Precise-White Gold; a patented new family of white metal alloys offering the pristine whiteness of platinum without the high cost. Precise-White received a “premium” rating from the American Assay & Gemological Office ensuring a lifetime of beauty and durability. VIEW THE COLLECTION

Dora Wedding Bands

Since 1994 Dora has been combining the finest gold, platinum, palladium, titanium and diamonds to create rings that unite modern design with timeless style, that marry the latest technology with true hand craftsmanship.

They are committed to crafting only the finest quality rings, made right here in the United States.


When you purchase a Dora ring from Classique Jewelers in Frisco, TX, you can rest assured that it is warranted against imperfections in design or workmanship. Dora rings also come with a written warranty to assure you of metal content as well as the carat weight of your diamonds. All diamond rings from Dora contain stones that are graded according to the strictest GIA (Gemological Institute of America) standards.

Rhythm of Love

The Rhythm of Love Diamond Jewelry is an amazing collection of 14Kt., 10Kt. and Sterling Silver pendants and earrings. Just the beating of her heart will cause the diamonds to flutter. You must watch the Video clip to the right to truly see them in action.

This is truly an amazing diamond collection where the diamond never stops moving! The diamond dances inside the setting. From every angle light is reflected creating amazing sparkle and scintillation.

Powered by her Heartbeat. When a lady wears one of the Rhythm of Love items….she will be the show stopper.

La Vie

LaVie is a blossoming line of bridal jewelry from a wonderful family-owned jewelry business, which began in 1975. They are preparing to enter their 40th year, you can count on our experience to deliver beautiful jewelry with stellar quality and customer service.

Style & Quality:

Stunning design and superb quality are the trademarks of a LaVie Diamond ring.

Rings are manufactured in their own state of the art facility- ensuring the quality of each meticulous, highly detailed design.  From the initial sketches from our designers, They create the ring utilizing the latest scientific methods in CAD and CAM processes. Their team follows through with incredible attention to detail and exacting standards, so we can deliver a true piece of art.

From their metals to there diamonds, the quality is unmistakable. LaVie utilizes the patented Precise-White™ gold alloy, which offers the pristine whiteness of platinum without the high cost. It received a Premium rating when tested by the American Assay and Gemological Office.  This advanced white metal can easily be finished and is not as brittle as other white metal alloys for lasting brightness and durability.


The ELLE Jewelry line is a fashion extension of ELLE Magazine, the largest fashion and beauty publication in the world. Utilizing the ever-evolving nature of fashion as benchmark for creative inspiration, ELLE Jewelry designs mirror the most up-to-date and ready-to-wear trends. Similar to the pages of their sister magazine, ELLE Jewelry changes from season to season, as colors and fashion trends also are reinvented and transformed. The result is jewelry with a distinguished look and edge that is chic, modern, and bold.

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Allison Kaufman

An exquisite collection of 14kt gold  jewelry accented with genuine stones, combining modern elegance with Old World craftsmanship. Each unique piece is as affordable as it is stylish. Allison Kaufman is sure to become your favorite designer collection.

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Phillip Gavriel

Literally born into the world of jewelry, Phillip Gabriel Maroof the designer behind Phillip Gavriel founded his collection after studying in Florence, Italy. 

The beauty and history of the Renaissance intensified his already developing design sensibility and became the catalyst in launching his passion. 

Every piece of jewelry in the collection tells a story and comes from the heart. 

The collections are inspired by an important part of Phillip himself, whether it be a place he has travelled to, or simply something beautiful he experienced. 

Crafted in gold, sterling silver with precious gemstones

Caro 74

In Italian, the word Caro means “beloved.” The Caro 74 diamond is indeed beloved for its renowned brightness and beauty. Each incredible stone has 16 additional facets located on its pavilion in order to provide maximum brilliance when compared to a traditional 58 faceted cut diamond. Even the smallest stone in every Caro 74 ring has this unique cut, creating the brightest, most luminous setting available. An additional feature, the signature “Kiss Diamond” design on the outside of the ring shanks, signifies “unity” when worn together. Every Caro 74 ring can be ordered in Euro Shank or Round shank in 14k, 18k and Platinum settings. Getting engaged and choosing a diamond is a very special experience for couples. You can feel confident when you purchase a Caro 74 engagement ring that the utmost care has been taken to ensure the quality and exceptional light performance of your diamond. Dazzle and sparkle with a Caro 74 bridal set.


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The Valina bridal collection is the easy choice to find the ring of your dreams, with a large selection of engagement ring semi-mounts ranging from traditional, vintage to modern and unique collections. All Valina Bridal sets are available in round or Euro shanks to provide maximum comfort and stability. Valina engagement rings are available in 14kt, 18kt, or platinum. The signature “Kiss Diamond” design on the outside of the ring shanks signifies “unity” when worn together – two lives, two diamonds, together.

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