At Classique Jewelers we can help you celebrate your engagement, anniversary or any special occasion with a custom design that perfectly suits your individual style and taste. With your vision and our ideas, your custom design will be nothing short of perfect. Not sure where to begin? Our team has a wealth of knowledge at your disposal to cultivate only the best of custom designs. Your options are limitless: we’ve created everything from traditional classics to unique, custom designed rings. Beautiful rings have served as symbols of love, trust, and commitment since antiquity, but just because jewelry been around for thousands of years does not mean they all have to look the same. For a look at a few of our previous inspirations, go here.

Corporate Awards

Our high quality custom rings are the perfect award for your hard working employees. Reward and motivate your employees with these incredible prizes of quality and beauty, designed specifically with your company and your companies’ aesthetic in mind. The recipients will be proud of their achievements and proud to wear this jewelry.


Unique Artistry

At Classique Jewelers, were not afraid to go off the beaten path to make sure your piece makes the statement you need. Whether its recreating classic designs, blending styles, or creating something ultimately unique and revolutionary, we are eager to hear your ideas and meet them with precision. Declare your style through a custom design with Classique!


High Fashion

With a meticulous eye for fashion, your custom design will be both fashionable, but also timeless. This is because every piece of jewelry is only the outward expression of a person’s inner qualities. Thus, we strive to create beautiful, elegant jewelry for our customers. Your custom piece will draw attention for its sophistication, and serve as the ultimate accessory to your character.


Two Tone