M- Clip

From superior base metal materials and ultra-high machined tolerances for each component part, to individually hand selected hides and finishes, the M-Clip is constructed and assembled by hand with one goal in mind: to make the absolute best, most functional, highest quality money clip you can buy – anywhere.  Created with several years of engineering and continuous refinement, the M-Clip is not a typical, inexpensive, cheaply made money clip. Each money clip is CNC machined and hand made from start to finish.  The M-Clip is 100% satisfaction guaranteed with a life time repair warranty.

Lobe Wonders

Revolutionary Lobe Wonder, also known as Earlift, is helping thousands of women with the problem of torn and damaged ear lobes. Lobe Wonder provides relief to women who suffer from the unsightly enlargement of earring holes, a problem caused by heavy earrings. Just as important, Lobe Wonder helps protect healthy earlobes against tearing from the weight of earrings. Lobe wonder is an undetectable, hypoallergenic clear patch that is applied to the back of the ear lobe. When pierced by an earring, the patch bears a major part of the earring weight, relieving the ear lobe of pressure.